Earlier this evening, I participated in a Google Hangout related to an area of professional interest to me. The Hangout was a lot of fun, fast-paced, and personalized by way of a live Q&A column next to the video feed. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next episode in a few weeks.

It got me thinking: Would this be something¬†my teachers would be interested in? I’ve been struggling this year to find time to schedule professional learning. The only mornings I could schedule before-school sessions on are Mondays and Fridays. Who wants to get here early on one of those days? Planning times are notoriously hard to schedule for, as teachers have meetings, conferences, and all sorts of other things during those times.

Doing a Hangout in the early evening would allow all of us–including me, to participate in professional learning from the comfort of our own homes. It might promote a more relaxed atmosphere and inspire creativity and deep thinking. Or it’s possible that nobody wants this, and that teachers want to be largely left alone in their personal times. I could see that being the case, too.

I’m considering putting it to my teacher friends and seeking suggestions and feedback, either through a formal process at school or just an update to my Facebook page. I feel a little energized by this prospect!