I’m lucky enough to be attending an educational technology conference later this week. I usually leave from these conferences with a giant list of ideas, apps, websites, and random thoughts. What I generally do not leave with is a plan to share that information with my teachers in a planned and purposeful way.

I think I’d like to spend some time over the next few days asking around and finding our how others relate information back to their school from conferences. I’m not really interested in writing a giant e-mail with 100 links in it, or creating a YouTube video about what a great time I had. I’d like this to be a little more lasting.

Next year, I’d really like it if some of the teachers from my school would be made available to join me. I understand the money and logistics are often barriers to entry at these conferences, but the conference is inexpensive relative to money I’ve seen wasted on things we don’t necessarily need at school. We could send a teacher to this conference, and cover their classroom with a substitute for three days, for well under $400. I think that’s a worthy investment. I’ve also heard that teachers who attend are more likely to share directly with their peers, and are also more likely to exert influence over them, than “the technology coordinator went, and that’s great, but I won’t use this in my classroom.”

I did block out a little time on Tuesday afternoon just to get myself ready; I’m hoping answers (or just ideas) relating to these questions will make themselves clear by then as well.