While I am definitely looking forward to my conference this week, one thing I do not like to do is prepare to be out of the school for a long time. Contrary to popular belief, going to a conference is not some type of vacation, not am I planning to really relax and sit back at this conference. The conference days will almost certainly be longer than my regular days of work.

I did choose to do something different this year: I told my teachers that any issues they needed me to address this week need to be sent to me by noon Tuesday, because I am turning on my out-of-office reply when I leave work for the conference. I do not want teachers to be getting the mistaken impression that I am going to come home from a 10-hour conference day and work another 8 hours.

It is also worth mentioning in reference to my earlier posts about school culture that it is very frustrating when teachers are jealous (not in a good way) that you are going to be gone for three days.