I’ve packed the gadgets and I’m ready to head to Atlanta for the rest of this week. Here is what I decided to bring:

  • iPad Air 2: I’m not an Apple person but I do like this tablet. Good for extended browsing, light content creation. Poor at creating lengthy content and anything involving lots of writing.
  • Windows Phone: Syncs to my Office and OneDrive accounts, as well as my OneNote notebook. Will be perfect for quick notes and to collaborate or find my colleagues and friends. For anything requiring more writing, it won’t do the trick. Good for social media. Camera is not so hot.
  • Chromebook: I have no experience with Chromebooks whatsoever and I am looking to change that. So I’m taking one to the conference. I’m leaving the charger at home, so I hope the battery lives up to a the hype. Great for lengthy notes and checking e-mail, but must be stowed in my laptop bag as I move from place to face.
  • Battery pack: I ordered a 20,000 mAh battery pack online when Amazon was having a great sale on a highly-rated model. It is beautiful and will also charge my phone 8 times, or my iPad 4 times, which is great. I’ve learned these devices are a must have at conferences.

That’s it! I’m trying to keep it lighter than usual this year. My alarm is set for 5:15, my out-of-office Mail reply is on until Monday, and my badge is in the car! In just a few short hours I will be arriving at the conference center!