I want to create a technology PLC at my school. This is 95% inspired by the awesome session I attended today on creating PLCs by a principal who does them all the time at her school. I loved her session because it was very practical stuff that I can bring back to school next week. It is very doable and can be done in a way that is a great use of everybody’s time and ultimately impacts students.

One challenge I wouldn’t mind solving before I do this is how to get teachers at my school to honestly rate themselves with respect to where they are with technology in classrooms. I woulda love to have a diverse PLC of teachers at all different levels, not just the experts. I’ve had some relevant discussions in my building around this topic recently and I have a few ideas as to how to proceed.

This is something that could a be beneficial to our teachers and our students. I’m excited. I love when a conference session exceeds my expectations.