One of the conference sessions I attended today mentioned a novel strategy for getting teachers intrinsically motivated for technology professional learning: Technology IEPs. The documents are created by the teachers themselves, and contain an area they want to explore, a plan for exploring it, and brainstorming about how to overcome any potential problems.

I really like this idea. The form to generate an IEP was easy to fill out and was based on a Google Form. The resulting IEP is very simple (this is not a 25-page document like student IEPs). I especially love the implementation strategies and the requirement of some pre-thought out strategies for overcoming any pitfalls.

I would like to see if I can manipulate this idea to see if it could work in my school. Perhaps I could do something with this in conjunction with other training initiatives?  I could ask a new technology committee to help develop the form and pilot the process out themselves.

I would want to tweak it a little bit before implementing it in my school, and there are still issues of school- and professional culture that need to be addressed before this really takes off. Still, I think this could be just the start we need, and I can’t wait to flesh out some of these ideas more this weekend.